Flax v4.10

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Flax v4.10Flax v4.10 Macromedia Flash icin birbirinden guzel text efektleri olusturabilen bir programdir. Flax, icerisinde 143 tanimli efekt ve 52 alt grup efektle birlikte gelmektedir. Bu efektlerin cogu belirli parametrelerle ayarlanabilir olup sizin onbinlerce benzersiz efekt olusturabilmenize imkan tanimaktadir.

FlaX creates real-time text effects for Adobe/Macromedia Flash! With its intuitive approach, it has raised the standard for Flash text effects. FlaX comes equipped with 143 predefined effects, subdivided into 52 very adjustable effect groups which can be tweaked using sliders and buttons, creating tens of thousands of unique effects. The new Grand FX plugin for FlaX will add an additional 100 new effects to FlaX. Adjustments take effect immediately, which makes FlaX a productivity tool that you can’t afford to miss! Creating high quality ShockWave material has never been so simple. Effects which were virtually impossible to create manually in Flash have now become reality! FlaX exports in Flash format and can be imported into Flash for inclusion in other work, or inserted directly into a web page. The FlaX text effects are also ideal to create titles and credits for video editing software, such as Sony Vegas. FlaX is designed with user-friendly floating tool windows – creating special effects is simple and enjoyable. FlaX also allows the insertion of a picture file and a sound byte into the effect SWF. New in FlaX v4: effect bookmarking, angled effects, shaped text, text outline coloring, more letter coloring options, etc. etc.

Flax v4.10

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