Foxy 1.8.1

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Foxy 1.8.1Foxy 1.8.1 Stabil Calisan Internet Filtresi “internet filter”, “web cleaner”, “popup blocker”, “ad remover”, “form filler” “porn stopper” Gibi ozellikeri Var

Foxy is a content filtering HTTP proxy server. It’s not just another “internet filter”, “web cleaner”, “popup blocker”, “ad remover”, “form filler” “porn stopper”, etc. It can do it all, and much, much more. It can modify content on the fly using its internal filters and external user-written scripts, block access to undesirable resources, track users’ online activity, generate traffic reports, forward requests to multiple proxies depending on the requested URL. Foxy may be used as is, with no changes to the default configuration, but to fully leverage its potential some basic understanding of HTML language and HTTP protocol may be needed.

Key Features Of Foxy:
– Blocks popups, banners, cookies, scripts, applets, objects, deanimates GIF images, spoofs request headers
– Protects your kids from porn
– Efficiently blocks server-side spyware
– Optimizes search engines’ result pages
– Rewrite the Web
– Automatically fills in on-line forms
– Features a whitelist and multiple blacklists
– Tracks users’ online activity, generates traffic reports
– Can forward requests to other proxy servers
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Foxy 1.8.1

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