Bytessence PassKeeper

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Bytessence PassKeeper
BPK is the next generation password manager. It´s FREE to use in any environment. It helps you keep track of your most valuable data, your accounts for e-mails, forums or other places. Everybody has passwords to remember and quite frankly it´s impossible not to forget them, unless you have very good memory. BPK is here to help you remember every password without problems. It´s very easy to use, small and filled with features. Why pay for tools that do the same thing when you can have BPK for free? Privacy is something that everybody must have, it´s a right, not a commercial item. We consider that you do not have to pay for your rights.


* Good looking, easy to use interface
* Total control over the passwords (add, remove, edit, move)
* Clipboard operations (copy password or username, account, etc. from every entry)
* Easy export to HTML (for backup purposes)
* Can minimize to tray while you work
* Boss key (panic button – hides instantly so nobody knows what were you doing)
* Random password generator
* Password strength analyzer
* Customizable colors for the entry list
* Uses modified and strenghtened up encryption algorithm derived from ARCFOUR
* Portable (you can carry it on your USB stick)
* Freeware (and free support)

Bytessence PassKeeper

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