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Netscape Navigator Navigator Mozilla Firefox‘dan gelistirmis oldugu Navigator Web Tarayicisi‘nin yeni 9.0 RC1 surumu yayimlandi. Netscape sitesi ile fonksiyonel olarak dogrudan baglantili ve guvenli bir Web tarayicisi olan Netscape Navigator Firefox’dan gelistirildigi icin, Firefox eklentilerini de destekliyor.

AOL has released a new of Netscape Navigator – Speed, Flexibility and More Security Choices Than Any Other Browser. Based on Firefox, the Netscape Browser options and interface are similar, but brought to a superior level of accessibilty by filling some of the Firefox gaps, such as tabbed browsing, context menus and menu bars. The new Netscape Browser test build runs on two different browsing engines: the Mozilla Foundation’s Gecko engine, which powers up the Mozilla, Firefox and older Netscape browsers, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer engine. Since Navigator 9 is based on the newest Mozilla ® technologies, there are additional features in Navigator 9 that were not available in Netscape Browser 8.x. You can read about those new features in these release notes from Mozilla. Netscape Navigator 9.0 is a browser-only release. It does not contain an e-mail client, newsgroup reader, or HTML composer.

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Netscape Navigator

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